Cake Smash Session

A cake smash session is a fun way to capture your baby turning one! Each birthday session includes a traditional portrait session including a family portrait if you like and ends with a cake smash.  Your session fee includes a custom cake smash set up for your little one, we work together planning clothing, colors, and theme. You’re in charge of outfits both the portrait session and cake smash and the cake. You can expect your images in 3 weeks of the session date, so please book accordingly.


  • One hour photo session
  • Traditional portrait session, as well as cake smash
  • 3 Outfits welcome
  • Custom cake smash setup
  • 30+ Edited Images in online digital album
  • Copyright release


  • 2 Outfits – One to wear for portraits and one to wear for cake smash
  • Extra clothes for you and your child, as cake clean up can be messy for parents
  • Plastic bag for the dirty clothes
  • Box or Tupperware for your left over cake – if there is any!
  • Water for your little one, sippy cup or whatever they will drink it out of (All the sweets makes them thirsty).
  • Balloons or props you would like in the photos
  • Favorite toy, blanket, just in case


First and foremost, we will give your little one some time to warm up to me and check out the studio. They can be shy little critters at times, this can take a bit depending on their personality, and it’s perfectly normal.  First rule of thumb, whatever you think will happen during your 1st Birthday Smash session will not happen! But these things might – 

  • If your child hates getting sticky and dirty, they may cry through some of the session.
  • Sometimes a practice run a few weeks before is a good idea, maybe give them a cup cake or muffin and see how they do with it.
  •  My studio will look like a bomb went off by the time the session is over, and It’s ok. Don’t apologize, it’s expected.
  •  I will have icing on my clothes, hands, and sometimes my camera, again, it’s ok, I have lots of towels, hot water and wipes to   clean up your little one.
  •  You will likely also be covered in frosting, so If you plan on going on somewhere after this session you are going to want to bring a   change of clothes.